So.. the first day of school wasn't very bad + a new project
Checked out one of my own periods and I had computer science and game design with the same teacher and I guess this is a year I might start doing school stuff and so on. Nothing much but at the start of the first day of school I had candy.

Anyways, I might probably do a new project that I might start doing which is an old project I had revived which is called Potallery. I showed my concept to my friends group chat about it since one of my other friends told me I should make an art gallery website on my birthday or something because of all of the stuff I made from drawing tablet. Here is the preview of the new site in it's unfinished state.

potallery preview

Remember, if you want to see the image in full screen, click on the image above.
by goom / August 30, 2022 5:26 PM